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Welcome to The Great American Crawl presented by Mickey Thompson Tires!
This stop will be at Hollerwood Park in Stanton, KY!

We are super excited to be coming back to this amazing park and explore some more! If you have not heard or been to Hollerwood yet, it is home to over 2500 acres of trails and views that will surely take your breath away. Conveniently located near Red River Gorge and Natural Bridge State Resort Park in Eastern Kentucky.

For starters, the park does require a waiver and a permit to enter, so we ask everyone to please fill those out before you come just to speed up the check in process and get you all more time out on the trails. For a full list of rules, regulations, permits, and pricing for the park check out the link below:

SXS Rentals are also available at the park.



A full map of the park will be available online and physical copies in the check in office. The Trailview mobile app is also a great choice for navigation.

As these crawl stops continue to grow in size, we need to be able to be able to still make the experience positive by making certain restrictions and limiting group sizes. This is mainly to keep groups moving along and making sure you all are seeing as much as possible on these stops!

Schedule of Events:

Plan of events is still TBD so look out for updates, but as of now we follow our typical event schedule:
Friday, Saturday are guided wheeling days. Sunday free for all, make your own groups day, as well as drive back home day.

Trail Groups:

We will have different groups based on vehicle size, options, and driver capabilities. We will include some flexibility on this so everyone feels included but we also highly encourage you all make your own groups along side ours groups to keep rig count low and increase trail flow. The number of trails groups will be dependent on amount of vehicles registered and the amount of trail lead/tails volunteering. With that being said, if you are interested on being a lead or tail please reach out to one of our crew on how you could help out and be put on the list! We would love your help!

Media Content:

Typically media content is majorly captured on the advanced groups but we will be trying our best to capture everyone the best that we can. The harder obstacles would usually showcase vehicle capabilities and in turn be a bit slower, which makes getting content easier instead of slowing everyone down. We strive to capture the best of what each park has to offer as well as the diverse vehicles that come out to play.

One thing to note is that the Jeep Jamboree will also be around the week prior we are arriving and a little into Friday. With that being said make sure to get on housing since they will book up quick!

Local Accomondations:

AirBnb & Vrbo have some great options when coming out to the area so be sure to check those out since hotels are slim picking. There is however limited camping options in the park as well as surrounding areas, provided by the link below:

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring?
  • Drinks
  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Sunscreen

Sign up closes two weeks ahead of event date. 

Event managers will send an email with detailed information to all registered drivers approximately 1 week before the event. 

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