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The Rockstar Performance Garage is back for our 5th anniversary season of The Great American Crawl! For our final stop of the season, we’re heading back to West Virginia to kick up some dust on the Hatfield & McCoy trails.

Be sure to mark your calendars and register to join us on September 6th and 7th as we take on the Bearwallow trail system.

As always, there is never a charge to register or participate in Great American Crawl events. Your only costs are wheeling fees paid directly to the park system.

Please note that this particular stop does have some additional requirements and restrictions that you should be aware of. WV State law and area regulations state that you must purchase a trail permit and abide by the following rules:

Trail Permits:

  • Trail permits are required to ride on Hatfield McCoy Trails. Each person accessing the trails is required to purchase a permit, passengers included.

  • Permits are issued by year and will expire on December 31 of the year in which they were purchased.

  • Permit rates are $50.00 for non-residents and $26.50 for West Virginia residents.

Safety Requirements:

  • Everyone must wear a DOT or SNELL approved helmet and eye protection.

  • All operators and passengers on an ATV, UTV, or motorcycle must meet the manufacturers’ minimum age requirements. No booster or car seats are allowed.

  • Adult supervision is required for those under age 16.

  • No alcoholic beverages may be consumed or carried.

  • Drive or ride at a speed reasonable for conditions.

  • No camping, no fires.

  • Trails are only open during daylight hours.

ORV-Specific Rules:

  • ORVs are ONLY permitted on the Bearwallow trail system.

  • Drivers and passengers are required to wear helmets.

  • A valid driver’s license is required to operate an ORV.

  • All passengers must be over 8 years of age or 4’9” tall. No booster or car seats are allowed.

  • Seat belts must be worn at all times; the number of passengers is limited to the number of factory-installed seat belts.

  • ORVs are required to have a roll cage on all most difficult (black and black/red) trails.

UTV-Specific Rules:

  • The driver and passengers of a UTV must wear seat belts at all times; the number of passengers is limited to the number of factory-installed seat belts.

  • Keep hands, arms, feet, head, and legs inside the vehicle at all times during operation.

  • Possess a valid owner’s manual for the machine being operated, available upon request.

  • Stay on designated trails. UTVs are permitted on easiest, more difficult, and select most difficult trails (signed accordingly).

  • UTVs must be equipped with a steering wheel and roll-over protection system from the manufacturer. Low-pressure tires are required.

The event calendar will include a full day of guided trail runs on Friday and Saturday. We will also be hosting a complimentary dinner with lots of free giveaways from our brand partners and sponsors on Saturday evening. Menu options for this stop are still being determined and will be updated soon.

Complimentary Rockstar Energy drinks will be available both mornings during check-in. There will also be a great selection of GAC branded items & apparel, products from our brand partners will available for purchase on site.

If you are interested in being a trail guide or have any additional questions about this event, please reach out to us at [email protected].


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